Wisdom teeth aren’t always a problem. For a small portion of the population, their jaw structure is wide enough to comfortably accommodate these teeth and allow proper cleaning. However, most of us face the extraction of wisdom teeth at some point in our lives. When it’s time to remove your wisdom teeth, ask these questions to ensure your procedure is safe, appropriate, and convenient.

At the office of Dr. Christopher Johnson D.M.D., we begin by examining your options. The extraction of wisdom teeth isn’t the answer to all dental problems.

Happy faces start with extraction of wisdom teeth.

Questions to ask your oral surgeon:

  • Are my symptoms consistent with a wisdom tooth problem? An impacted or decaying wisdom tooth will cause pain and swelling throughout the jaw, soreness in the area surrounding the tooth, and tender or bleeding gums. An advanced problem might make it difficult to eat. However, these symptoms could also point to other conditions. A visual exam by your oral surgeon should rule out other possible causes for your pain.
  • Is the pain caused by simple eruption? In younger patients, the eruption of new teeth can cause extreme discomfort. However, this doesn’t mean the tooth needs to be removed. The dental experts at our office can help you find ways to cope with the discomfort of gum pain.
  • Can my jaw structure accommodate the tooth? Wisdom teeth removal is a last resort. No dentist wants their patients to lose healthy teeth unless it compromises their overall oral health. Ask your dentist if there are any ways to avoid the extraction of wisdom teeth.

At Lake County Oral Surgery, our oral surgeon walks you through all the possibilities and options before making a suggestion. We know that wisdom tooth extraction isn’t the ideal solution for everyone. Let us help you find the answers to your questions.

Am I Healthy Enough to Have My Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Like any other medical procedure, oral surgery can be dangerous to patients with certain health conditions. Talk to your oral surgeon about your medications and diagnoses before scheduling your procedure.

  • Can you accommodate my anxiety issues? For some patients, needles and medical procedures cause a great amount of anxiety. Ask your oral surgeon about pain relief options that allow you to relax during your procedure. Nitrous oxide is a common medication that helps calm frazzled patients.
  • Do my medical issues make me a bad candidate for the wisdom tooth extraction? Diabetes, high blood pressure, and other chronic diseases might interfere with your oral surgeon’s ability to provide necessary services. Some medications also complicate pain relief. Tell your oral surgeon all about the medications you take, recent surgeries, or active diagnoses.
  • What complications might result from this surgery? At the office of Dr. Christopher Johnson D.M.D., we give our patients aftercare instructions that include information on possible side effects of wisdom tooth extraction. We tell our patients what is normal and what should trigger a call to our office for further help.
Extraction of wisdom teeth can relieve oral pain and is typically an easy procedure.

If done by a professional, extraction of the wisdom teeth relieves pain and discomfort. Without the right medical information, however, patients could find themselves with some unexpected health consequences.

Are There Other Options Beyond Wisdom Tooth Removal?

During your evaluation, your dentist should discuss some alternate treatment options. While you should always follow your professional’s suggestions, ask these questions if you’re concerned about keeping your teeth.

  • Can the tooth be saved? Even if your tooth is badly decayed, you may still be able to save it. Root canals, oral implants, and cavity cleanings and fills might be possible ways to save your wisdom teeth.
  • Is there a way to minimize the impact to my face shape? Your teeth are an integral part of the way your face looks. Losing a wisdom tooth doesn’t usually make a big impact on your appearance. However, if aesthetics are a concern, there are cosmetic procedures that can restore your desired look.
  • Can this procedure be performed along with other types of surgery? For some patients, extraction of the wisdom teeth is just one portion of a comprehensive dental reconstruction. However, the wisdom tooth extraction can be safely performed along with orthognathic and other types of reconstructive surgeries in healthy patients.
After the extraction of wisdom teeth, you will need to stick to the strict post-operative instructions from your oral surgeon.

What Basic Information Do I Need Before My Surgery?

Your dental team will provide you with all the pre- and post-operative information you need for your wisdom tooth extraction. However, there are some questions you may want to ask to ensure that you have the safest and most effective experience.

  • What are my anesthesia options? Depending on your health and preferences, you may have several options for anesthetic.
    • Full sedation is helpful for younger patients and those with extreme anxiety.
    • Nitrous oxide and injection of local pain relievers help nervous patients deal with the discomfort of oral surgery.
  • What medications should I avoid before surgery? Tell your doctor about all the over the counter and prescription medications you take. Include vitamin and food supplements too. They will help you understand which substances might be harmful during the procedure.
  • Will I need a bone graft? Some patients have weak bones in the jaw area, which makes it difficult for the body to retain teeth in the proper position. During the wisdom tooth extraction, some teeth could be inadvertently pulled out of place. A bone graft strengthens the bone that holds teeth in place and prevents dangerous post-surgical shifting. Your oral surgeon will tell you if this procedure is necessary.

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