Everyone who has suffered tooth loss wishes to recover their ability to chew properly, speak with ease, and in full confidence. Luckily, oral implants are a befitting solution for the restoration of a healthy, beautiful, and functional smile.

Oral implants can enhance quality of lifeOral implants are a long-term and comfortable solution for the replacement of missing or damaged teeth for patients in Central Florida, especially in the Leesburg area. They form an ideal foundation for keeping the jawbone healthy and for supporting the teeth.

With proper dental hygiene and professional routine checkups, oral implants are long-lasting. They provide patients with attractive teeth that are both firm and functional.

Why are Oral Implants Superior to Traditional Dental Restorations?

Dental bridges are the most common alternative to oral implants, but they demand a significant compromise of the structure of the teeth and the surrounding gum region. In addition, dentures don’t fit closely and are often uncomfortable.

As such, they result in chronic discomfort and make it difficult to eat and speak. Wearers also face an inconvenient routine of removing dentures at night when going to sleep.

Here are more reasons why an oral implant is the best option:

  • Aesthetic Value

    Oral implants can enhance aesthetic appeal

An oral implant is the epitome of complete dental restoration for a natural look. They are crafted out of high-quality materials and color-matched to resemble the natural teeth in a seamless integration.

They enhance the appearance of the wearer dramatically and endow them with improved confidence for a better quality of life.

Also, they confer the freedom to live comfortably with the security of a beautiful dentition that won’t click or fall off accidentally. Essentially, they’re made to anchor teeth roots and offer a compact foundation for high-performance that imitates the natural gum tissue and enamel.

  • Durability

The distinguishing element between the traditional denture appliance and a dental implant is that dentures are removable while dental implants are not. This is a remarkable benefit and removes the frustration posed by dentures, which are difficult to use since they are fixed in place with an adhesive paste or a sticky filling.

On the contrary, a dental implant offers a long-term solution with specialized hardware that is inserted through the gum and into the jaw, holding them into position permanently. They are built for maximum durability and can last beyond a decade with proper care and maintenance.

  • Cost-efficiency

When a patient chooses to replace missing or injured teeth, the cost is a major consideration. While dentures are cheap, their quality is inferior and they break down easily, hence they are costly in the long run. Oral implant care includes regular brushingHowever, the reliability of oral implants makes them a cost-effective choice. This is because they don’t require specialized cleaning solutions, fixatives, and repairs. Except for the higher initial cost, an oral implant is inexpensive and only requires minimal care such as regular brushing and flossing.

  • Easy Maintenance

The care and maintenance of dental implants involve simple flossing and brushing. This unlike dentures, which require expensive procedures to maintain. Also, they’re not easily damaged by common foods such as pretzels, chips, apples, and garlic.

  • Comfort

In the early days when dentures and bridges were the only options, comfort was an inevitable compromise. However, with a dental implant, there is a natural fit just like your real teeth because they fit well from the very start.

They simply become part of the body and fuse with the jawbone tissue, permanently, which saves patients from removing and re-affixing the prosthetic.

Although it is possible to become accustomed to wearing dentures and eat and speak with relative ease, users are never fully satisfied.

For instance, dentures may slip or move while eating or speaking, which is embarrassing. Besides, food may be stuck between the denture and the palate, which causes pain. Conversely, dental implants allow you to speak clearly and eat without problems, like with natural teeth.

  • Improved Oral Health

Oral Implants eliminate the gaps in the mouth, caused by damaged or injured teeth. These gaps are predisposing factors for jawbone deterioration, osteoporosis, and cardiovascular disease. With their regenerative properties, a dental implant is the only solution that promotes bone growth and thwarts bone degeneration.

Dental implants boost the gum and bone around the implant area. This is a worthy benefit when administered soon after tooth loss. What’s more, they don’t interfere with the healthy teeth to make room for a bridge. Instead, they forego bridges altogether. They do not reduce the teeth or their crown but leave natural teeth undisturbed.

In reality, a dental implant mimics the natural tooth roots in biological processes. For instance, their movement when chewing and biting stimulate the jawbone, which triggers the jaw to grow thicker, just like natural teeth. Dental implants are the only intervention that triggers this process.

As such, the jawbone grows uniformly in the site of dental implants and natural teeth. This promotes a healthy dentition, unlike with traditional dentures, bridges, and crowns.

Why Dr. Christopher Johnson should be your choice for an oral implant

If you are in need of tooth replacement, Dr. Christopher Johnson, D.M.D. has helped many clients over the years. He is highly qualified to administer tooth removal and replacement procedures, including oral implants. Feel free to book an appointment for a personalized consultation.