Oral implants are a practical solution for patients in need of tooth replacement. Amazing results in Leesburg, FL from Oral implantsEssentially, they’re comfortable to wear. Further, they help restore aesthetic appeal and convenience of healthy teeth for the function of biting and chewing. Most patients with missing teeth are qualified candidates for a dental implant.

However, at Dr. Christopher Johnson D.M.D.’s practice, each patient receives specialized care. With over 10 years’ experience in oral and maxillofacial surgery, Dr. Johnson is a highly qualified oral surgeon. He employs cutting-edge technology to deliver quality dental implants. His practice is known for its patient-focused approach. Patients consult with the surgeon’s office and understand the benefits of the procedure before embarking on treatment.

Form and function at its best

Apart from restoring functionality, stability, and the aesthetic appeal of natural teeth, oral implants enliven the patients smile. Naturally, this boosts confidence, significantly.

In comparison to conventional bridges, oral implants free the patient from the burden of housing and transporting a dental prosthesis. The primary advantage is that experienced over dentures and bridges, which can be inconvenient.

Additionally, a dental implant is an excellent choice for tooth replacement. In particular, they are an excellent solution for restoring proper alignment when bonding the dental implant and natural teeth. The success rate of an oral implant in filling the space from the missing tooth is a remarkable achievement in dentistry because dentures are known to fail over time.

Remarkable compatibility

Oral implants are popular in the replacement of missing teeth for their high-performance as compatible components. As opposed to cantilevered dental bridges, they cause no excessive pressure on the bone. Besides this, they are resistant to wear and tear. Thus, they don’t malfunction or fall off over time like cantilevered dental bridges and other traditional dentures.

Also, the use of oral implants for the replacement of missing teeth confers the benefit of structural support to the neighboring teeth.

Unlike traditional dentures, the tooth neighboring a dental implant does not get fatigued or experience excessive torque. This translates into better long-term functionality. It is also a remarkable boost to oral health since it prevents fractures and deterioration of healthy teeth that could otherwise fail due to excessive pressure from conventional dentures.

Safety and high-performance

As with any other medical intervention, a patient’s safety and comfort are paramount, and oral implants are designed to deliver just that. As a leading solution in the replacement of missing teeth, the intervention eliminates the awful irritation of the surrounding gum tissue.

From the design stage to the placement of an implant, oral and maxillofacial surgeons employ a customized approach to ensure a proper fit for the patient. The result is a proper fit, free from incompatibility.

In addition, today’s implants are available in various forms, with non-metallic solutions at the forefront. Specifically, the ceramic oral implant offers a non-metallic solution for tooth replacement and performs reliably, just like a natural tooth.

The construction of ceramic dental implants employs zirconium oxide material, which is a perfect fit for the natural bone and acts as the tooth root. Its non-metallic nature is touted as an immune-supporting quality. This is so because it does not interfere with the body’s meridian systems, which minimizes the possibility of implant rejection.

In reality, zirconium oxide is a crystal form of zirconium and is non-reactive with electromagnetic fields from cell phones and microwaves.

Once placed into the jaw, the ceramic oral implant integrates into the bone to support the artificial replacement for the long-term, and with proper oral health, it lasts a lifetime.

In ceramic form, these implants are anti-microbial and discourage the growth of bacteria. They are non-stick, too, and do not hold plague like metal-based implants.

Supports jawbone integrity

For patients with missing teeth, jawbone atrophy is a common problem. In the event of lost and missing teeth for a long period of time, the jaw bone naturally begins to dissolve and deteriorate. The face can eventually become sunken and hollow, and consequently creates an impression of premature aging.

Fortunately, with oral implants, the tooth root is “replaced,” which supports the integrity of the jawbone. The implant substitutes as the replacement of the natural root and supports facial contours by preventing jawbone deterioration.

Improved quality of life

Improved quality of life in Lake County, Florida after receiving oral implants

Oral implants are practically a path to a happier and more fulfilling life. First, the recipient of an oral implant is freed from the nuisance of wearing denture adhesives and the inconvenience of sore gums. While eating, there is less irritation and no discomfort to worry about. The recipient can enjoy chewing food and can speak with ease.

The implants also guarantee a beautiful smile, which is a joy to show to the world with no inhibitions. The result is a huge boost of confidence, and an improved self-image, which implies a positive outlook to life and comfort in day-to-day life.

Improved oral health

Since oral implants don’t compromise healthy teeth, the advances in dental implantology mean patients have a safe tooth replacement option that promotes oral hygiene.

Consequently, dental implants help preserve the integrity of healthy teeth, in both structure and functionality.

A dental implant is cost-effective in the long-term

Although dental implants involve a high initial cost, they’re more cost-effective than traditional dental tooth replacement options. It is, therefore, a better overall value than other tooth replacement options. Oral implant costs in the $5000 per implant range are not unusual and may be at least partially paid for by insurance coverage.

Most importantly, perhaps, they’re long-lasting and don’t require repairs or replacement, except in cases of complications, which are rare.

With a comprehensive dental implant surgery from a qualified oral and maxillofacial surgeon, full recovery is attained within nine months. Most often, there is only a slight chance of secondary infections from oral implantation procedures. Therefore, the patient is not typically burdened with unforeseen dental appointments for the treatment of complications as with traditional methods of tooth replacement like dental bridges.

Mitigate the risk of chronic diseases

People in Clermont, Florida know an oral implant can mitigate onset of disease.

The ability to replace decayed or missing teeth today comes as a great relief to patients who suffer the emotional burden of lacking a complete dentition. At Dr. Christopher Johnson D.M.D.’s practice, dental implants are part of the revolutionary dental intervention made possible by oral and maxillofacial surgery.

Having a dental implant can help create a healthier mouth microbiome. As disease-causing microorganisms are suppressed, bacterial and chronic infections associated with poor oral hygiene are mitigated.

In addition, inflammatory illnesses such as the periodontal disease, which worsens over time, is mitigated, too. In turn, this may prevent severe diseases such as heart disease, and diabetes, which is linked to oral health problems.

Since dental implants mimic natural teeth, they support the function of the immune system linked with the body’s meridians to help fight off diseases in the long-term.

Why Dr. Christopher Johnson is the right choice for oral implants

To benefit from dental implants in Central Florida, patients are invited to a free consultation at Dr. Christopher Johnson D.M.D.’s office. As a leading oral and maxillofacial surgeon in Leesburg, Central Florida, he recommends patients take time to have a one-on-one consultation with his team to understand the prognosis of oral health problems that can be treated with dental implants.

For patients in need of orthognathic surgery or traditional oral surgery, his office encourages the customer to review their options before the commencement of treatment. In addition, cases requiring cosmetic attention are addressed with cutting-edge procedures.

If you are in need of tooth replacement, Dr. Christopher Johnson D.M.D. has helped many clients over the years and is qualified to administer wisdom tooth removal, oral implants, and replacement procedures. Feel free to book an appointment for a personalized dental implant consultation.